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Commerce Grid has created this guide to help target Commerce Grid inventory using Xandr Invest as their DSP.

Please note that platforms can and will change regularly. We will do our best to update this guide as needed. Wherever possible, we've provided links to Xandr Invest documentation.

We recommend that if buyers are having issues, or if they need help using Xandr Invest platform, their first point of outreach should be Xandr team.

Open Trading

This section explains how to target Commerce Grid (formerly The MediaGrid and Criteo SSP) as an inventory source within Xandr Invest UI. 

Advertisers can enable Commerce Grid as an open exchange under Supply Sources in their campaign line items. You might need to create new campaign line items to apply this and extend your reach and inventory from Commerce Grid. 


How to Enable Commerce Grid Supply in Xandr Invest:

  1. Within the campaign line item, navigate to the Inventory & Brand Safety Targeting section to set the Supply Source to specify the type of inventory that you want to buy.

  2. Expand the Advanced Targeting subsection to select Criteo Commerce Grid as a selected exchange.

  3. Click Save.


In addition, Xandr Invest DSP allows media buyers to implement splits using spend allocations and bid multipliers on various levels of targeting (geo, inventory, system, etc). Advertisers can prioritize delivery to one exchange over another by using augmented line items.


How to Enable Commerce Grid Supply within an augmented line item in Xandr Invest:

  1. Click into your augmented line item and scroll down to Programmable Splits at the very bottom of the page.

  2. Expand this section. You will then be prompted to choose the number of splits you would like to start with. For this example, we will start with 2 splits:

  3. Click Start, which will bring you to the screen where you can set your priorities, bid multipliers, and spend allocations. You can also rename your splits if you wish. 

  4. Under the Select Targeting drop-down on the right, you can check off Inventory > Exchange. Hover over the deals and click on the Pencil icon to edit and isolate each split to a specific exchange:

  5. Combining spend allocations and bid multipliers is not necessary, but both can be adjusted as you continue to evaluate performance throughout your campaign.


Deals Trading

This section explains how to set up and target Commerce Grid deals within Xandr Invest UI. 

  1. At the line item-creation level, drop down the Basic Setup tab. In the Inventory & Brand Safety Targeting > Supply Source subsection, select Deals in the Supply Source section. Once there, under Supply Strategy, check the box for Deals, and then make sure you select Specific Deals. Selecting this will change the typical line item creation workflow. Make sure that Deals is the only box you check off, or you'll be targeting the open exchange plus other deals, as well!

  2. Select Specific Deals. To target specific deals, select one of the following targeting options and complete the corresponding steps. Next, go to the Targeting section and click the Edit button next to Deals.

  3. Then, check off the deal you want to target for this line item. Ensure that there is only 1 Deal ID per line item to keep this separate from other SSP deals.