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As a publisher, you can set up 1:1 private marketplace deals that can be grouped or segmented across your inventory groups, ad units, inventory type and media types. This gives you the flexibility of packaging your inventory that aligns with media buyers’ needs.

Leveraging deals, DSPs and Bidders gain “preferred, first-look” access to inventory on Commerce Grid. As a publisher, you can use the Deal ID to specifically target inventory — drill down to inventory groups, sites, and ad units or keep it open to larger aggregated package buys.

Deal Examples

To illustrate what’s possible for publishers using Deals, and how you might choose to segment your own inventory, here are a few examples of Deals that are possible with Commerce Grid:

  • Contextual Packages: Men’s Interests, Sports, Automotive, Shopping & Retail, Home & Garden

  • Rules-Based Packages High Completion Rate, 70%+ MOAT Viewability

  • Video Packages Interstitial, Pre-Roll

  • Compliance Packages LDA Compliant, Gambling/Tobacco Allowed

Why use Deals?

Deals allow publishers the ability to offer preferential or ‘first-look’ access to specific inventory on Commerce Grid. This unlocks a path to new incremental revenue opportunities and other benefits, including:

  • Deals can be used to provide buyers with more incremental value compared to trading on the open exchange.

  • Publishers can manually set pricing parameters using Deal IDs, giving them more control over margin and, by extension, yield.

  • Because Deals are packaged with specific inventory, buy-side concerns about brand safety and suitability can effectively be eliminated.