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Commerce Grid supports JSON and Compressed JSON (gzip) as data formats for bid requests and bid responses, as indicated using the Accept-Encoding: gzip header. It is recommended to use Compressed JSON to minimize the amount of data exchanged between Commerce Grid and the Buyer, as this reduces latency times between servers without any additional costs. Here is what Commerce Grid has observed with gzip traffic:

  • When enabled, gzip compression ratios tend to be in the range of x1.4 to x2.0 (depending on the size of the request/response)

  • There is no tangible extra CPU load due to compressing/decompressing traffic, i.e. there is no extra cost

Sending Bid Responses to Commerce Grid

Sending bid responses in Compressed JSON does not require special configuration. The bidder is only required to send a Content-Encoding: gzip header in the responses where the compression is used.

Receiving Bid Requests from Commerce Grid

Once enabled,Commerce Grid starts sending bid requests in Compressed JSON. All such bid requests carry an extra HTTP header Content-Encoding: gzip. It is recommended for the bidder to check for this HTTP header to distinguish between JSON and Compressed JSON bid request formats, as even when compression is enabled some Bid Requests may arrive uncompressed. In this case the Content-Encoding: gzip header is absent.